4 types of backpacks for tourism

  1. Assault. The backpacks are tailored for the conquest of mountain peaks, so they have the most streamlined shape, without external pockets. In order not to get caught by an additional pocket on a rock ledge in extreme conditions, or not to get entangled in branches. Volume from 20 to 50 liters. Made from thick nylon fabric, waterproof.
  2. For trekking. This model range is designed for the travel format "from village to village". You do not need to carry food and a sleeping bag with you: everything is available at the stops. The backpack contains only personal items, a camera, a snack and water. https://denimgrace.com/what-beach-bag-you-have-to-choose-in-2020/ Therefore, the volume is small: 40-50 liters. Additional equipment will be a trekking pole, which cannot be attached directly to the backpack.
  3. Expeditionary. For extreme and long mountain travels. They are especially durable and have a volume of over 80 liters. Expedition backpacks hold equipment, dishes, food, sleeping bag, karemat, etc. Rigid frame construction and anatomical back. External fastening is not provided.
  4. Classic travel backpacks. Universal models for tourists. Various options for the arrangement of external and internal pockets. Backrest padded or frame construction.